Our program represents the integration of Serbian and Russian preschool program. That is why our teachers are Serbs and Russians, with pedagogical education and extensive experience gained in Serbia and Russia. Every year we are receiving workbooks from Moscow from Russian State program for preschool education. In practice, the program consists of several basic segments:

  • Help in maintaining the health of the child, his emotional peace, all-round development of the child in accordance with his age (physical exercises, the attitude of respect in communication with the child)
  • In groups, among children, we are forming a friendly and attentive atmosphere, which is the cornerstone of their successful communication with other people. In such atmosphere, children develop qualities such as the goodness, curiosity, initiative, independence, and creativity (in communication we are teaching ethics, reading fairy tales with the moral grain)
  • We pay special attention to the development of the different interests of the child (complex classes, with changing types of interests of the child)
  • The process of education involves creativity
  • We suggest to children to use learning material in different ways, and as a result, the child meets their interests and needs
  • Criticism of the results of creative activity is minimal, because every child needs to have its own view of the world
  • Emphasis is placed not only on education, but also to the development of the child
  • We cooperate with other family members to foster common values ​​in terms of education in school and family
  • Participation of the family in the activities of a child in kindergarten
  • Preparing for school program to facilitate adaptation to school


A healthy diet is the foundation of the child's health and success in learning. Complete nutrition in the kindergarten is distributed into 4 servings and made in accordance with the new sanitary standards and technological maps approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Diet excludes artificial and fried meals and includes a healthy breakfast and lunch (purees and fruit). The menu always consists of soups, stews and salads. The content of the menu is adapted to the age of children and the calorific value of the food.
The menu is compiled for 10 days and every parent can get acquainted with the contents of the menu.

Our program -

Preserving and improving the health of a child in kindergarten

A nurse is taking care of the health care of children. When enrolling a child in kindergarten a nurse talk with parents and get acquainted with the living conditions, diet, the health status of the child. Based on the obtained information and in accordance with the data from the medical records of the child, a health card is compiled for each group, as well as records of the adaptation, in which health condition and the individual characteristics of each child is recorded.
Every month we analyze the number of arrivals of the child, the incidence of diseases and measures is taken to reduce the level of diseases.
Our goal is to protect the health of children, the establishment of a culture of health and motivation of children to lead a healthy life. Therefore, teachers throughout the year carry out different exercises and gymnastics with children (morning, during breaks, gymnastics for fingers), we organize Health days and Spartak days.
We respect the rules of safety at the workplace and the safety of stay of children in kindergarten is ensured. Training is performed on time, the rules of safety at the workplace and safety techniques are elaborated. The sanitary and technical requirements regarding the use of fluids, light, heat, and ventilation are followed.

Work on improving the health of the child

The measures to improve the health of the child include:

  • Strict adherence to the regime (learning, games, walking, meals and sleep)
  • Strict observance of sanitary conditions (cleaning of the rooms, ventilation, treatment of the rooms with quartz lamp)
  • A healthy diet designed for the children
  • Individual approach to the child given his state of health
  • Regular physical exercise.

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